2019 Mission

So while thinking about these year objectives I had in mind an idea from that book 7 Habits from Highly Effective People, I read it a few years ago and there was an idea about having the mission and goals separated by roles in order to maintain balance (or something like that).

I kinda stole that idea, I will try experimenting with it. It’s not really roles in their traditional sense to be honest. It’s inspired on the concept though.

I have 3 main roles / areas that I might have to break into smaller, more specific, roles/areas. These are:

  1. Engineering Student / Aspiring Tech Individual
  2. Adventurous and curious individual
  3. Healthy Individual in physical and psychological terms

1- Engineering Student / Aspiring Tech Individual

In general I would think of possibly separating this into: college, leadership position and ambassador program I’m on and also maybe autodidact projects of learning.

  • B Average in the second semester
  • Get an internship or go into a startup event for students in Summer
  • Finish a Machine Learning Course
  • Launch 2/3 projects in GitHub
  • Organize a good event and get money for next year’s team
  • Learn the basics of a language

2- Adventurous and curious individual

I don’t really see that many roles I can break this one into, maybe have the autodidact learning projects in this one?

  • Try Indoor and Mountain Climbing
  • Travel alone to a few cities in my country during weekends (at least once)
  • Travel abroad for debate
  • Try Surf
  • Read 12-24 books (at least 10 fiction)
  • Try Skydiving
  • Write 100 texts (not including these posts)
  • Find an interesting area of CS (this should be changed to become more specific)

3- Healthy Individual in physical, psychological and social terms

This one can be separated into a few different roles/areas, like Healthy Individual, Friend and Dating. I have decided to make this year main focus to become a better friend and a more social person. So a main worry of mine is to keep developing habits that relate to being a better friend and social person. Some of these goals are then somewhat vague, so I will address this with not so much “goals” but action plans that will ensure constant work that I can track.

  • Get more emotionally stable make the high’s and low’s less extreme and recover faster from the lows. Develop systems to adress this.
  • Get to 70-75kgs (currently 63-65kg)
  • Get closer to friends and stop feeling lonely as much. Develop habits of becoming a better friend and actively attempt to get closer to people.
  • Go on regular dates.
  • Become more social, talk to strangers more often.
  • Become more active and high energy daily.

So this is a general idea of my goals for 2019. I still wanna make goals for the semester. These might not be ideal but it’s actually the first time I tried to set Yearly Resolutions.

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