Week #4 Review

I’ll be quick since I’ve had some minutes of stress trying to remember a few passwords and getting late to bed.

This week went a bit weird, I’ve had the continuing of being down and kinda felt like I’m losing some control, I’m becoming less systematic but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s also making the process quicker.

I’m trying to make my systems less obstructive while maintaining the benefits.

I’ll make some updates on that son, but right now I’m using a Bujo that’s always with me (and has the daily plan). And have another one to help me keep track in the long run, but I may lose that and just go for a digital planning component.

I don’t really know what I wanted from this week, just in general and I find that I did most things I put myself into. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

One thing I can notice is the management exam went bad.. real bad. Not expecting this, but I hope it’s enough, I can’t go to the recovery one (traveling abroad) so I really need it to go through or I’ll have to do it next year.

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