2 Challenges and a new Habit

Haven’t dedicated myself properly to this lately. But still with the same intentions in mind. I’m actually thinking on great strides towards being better. Hopefully I will write about this soon, in particular in my 2019 objectives post that I’ll try to post this week.

But right now I have 2 challenges to get me out of my routine and “vices” and one habit that helps me and isn’t too hard to implement. Hopefully this isn’t too much.

The challenges are simple to say, no Instagram for a month and NoFap for a month too. This is to stop my comfort zone and in particular stop the bad effects of instagram, the vice of checking my phone every 3 seconds.

The habit is another simple one but might make a difference in a few years, skin care routine. Not hard at all, just wash my face before going to bed and after waking up and moisturizing it afterwards. This is a small addition to my daily routine and might give me a little boost, a little self-care to force me to go to bed and rise with the mentality of caring about myself.

This post was a quick one (break from studying) and I’ll excuse my poor writing with the biggest headache in a few years (this dumb guy went out with just one of my contact lenses).

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