Week #3 Review

Overall review:

I felt like this was a bad week. Sure it wasn’t too bad. Had some social moments. Had a little breakdown due to stress in the end but picking myself backup again.

Set a bullet journal because I was getting buried by my systems.

College [Challenge Study for Exams]

Studying was somewhat lesser. Had a few bad days. But coming back. Less productive in the last few days but been way more effective. Focused on what I must get and already covered pretty much all of what I need for management. All I need for the most important part of the Math exam

Haven’t started reviewing the first part of the math exam yet.
Haven’t touched in CS class, sure it’s a bit away still but I should keep getting at it little by little so my work is mostly done when I finish the other two.

Haven’t really studied much theory.


“Didn’t post anything other than this weekly review. Had some ideas for self improvement I want to go further into next week.”
And I repeat myself. I really don’t know what I had last week but this week I’m going to get more detailed:
A challenge of no Instagram for a month.
Set proper goals for 2019: social, college and little projects related


Didn’t do almost nothing

Do something next week.


Had a very cool talk with an experiment professional/teacher, amazingly inspirational.

A big event I’m responsible for is coming and a lot to do.

I wanna keep interviewing interesting people and advance with the event.


Went to New Year’s Eve in the house of people from my High-school. Was good to see some old faces. I’m not really that sociable and it was good to have to do it, I’m good in the situation but I need to see the urgency to do so. It was cool.

Also went to play soccer with a friend and his friend group was cool ( I was invited to keep going with them as a keeper). Went out with them as well, not really my thing but I should make more efforts like this.

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