Week #2 Review

Overall review:

A decent week. Had a few bad days.
Still can’t wake up with alarm clocks for some reason.

College [Challenge Study for Exams]

In general the studying was decent. Started exercises with more care.
Made some good advances on CS as well

Math knowledge seems to be too specific to the type of exercises my teacher made.
Management has some very weird exercises without any information on them.

I’ll be focusing more on general theory when questions arise.


Didn’t post anything other than this weekly review. Had some ideas for self improvement I want to go further into next week.


Focused on the Machine Learning course I’d started some time ago. Did some good progress and am very interested.

Next week I want to be close to end the course and start making some projects.


Had a very cool talk with an experiment professional/teacher, amazingly inspirational.

A big event I’m responsible for is coming and a lot to do.

I wanna keep interviewing interesting people and advance with the event.


Didn’t do much. Went to play soccer

Stuck home a lot and haven’t gone out.
I was supposed to go get a coffee with a friend and chickened out because I didn’t have much time… shame on me.

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