Week #1 Review

At first I thought about giving a through detailed review of what I did but I think that’s overall pointless. I will just say what I should have done better or things that really resonated.S

Overall review:

A decent week, a good beginning to the studying project. Already a confirmation of some of the difficulties I’ll face. And things I want to change in my life (like feeling stuck at home).

Also feeling that I should focus more on certain projects.

College [Challenge Study for Exams]

In general the studying was decent. Covered basically all the theory for CS and Management (didn’t go in depth but got a general sense) and of math (did the most urgent part). In general I got a feel, but need depth, in particular in math.

Theory just by trying to read it and understand bores me to death and I lose patience.

I’ll be focusing more on practicing and reading what I need when questions arise.


So I started posting and launched the first challenge. It was good. And had some ideas of posts, but doubts started arising.

Shouldn’t I just started a medium? Should I do this anonymously? Is this really useful? Did I waste a 100€ for nothing when I could have used that money to actually do something good?

I’ll keep using this a way to throw challenges and reviewing them. If I see this taking too much time and being useless I’ll think about what end I’ll make of it then.


I started reading some posts and following some tutorials on CS topics that I care for. I have some ideas and wanted to see what can get me close to achieving them so I tried out a bit some tutorials on complex topics. Basically copy pasting and checking what it did. It was fun at times, extremely boring at others when I tried just learning for the sake of learning.

I will try to take project based approaches to learning. While I’m interested in the theory I will try to see if I can studied to the lense of needing it for a certain project.


Did some work.

Found that often I’m not interested in the activities and therefore need the “impeding doom” to make me take action.

Since I’m in a position of leadership, I’ll try turning the projects toward things that I care more about. And schedule a minimum amount of work to keep progressing it. I don’t want to just waste time, I must invest it in ways that I grow.


Had coffee with a friend and talked to a few people online basically. Invited a girl I’ve been interested on for a while out after we talked for a bit online, quite surprised since she’s older and one of those few that I actually feel like “out of my league”.

Started feeling my main dislike of being at home… FEELING STUCK AT HOME. I have no car and my town is event less. Worse I have very little close friends for “hanging out” (a topic for another time).

I’ll call my old friends from school. The closest to go grab lunch and be stupid like old times. The others to play football and go grab a beer. Take some initiative. If nothing is done I’ll go to cinema at least by myself. Get out a bit.

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