Challenge Introduction: Less than a month for my exams

So I will jump start this 1 year project with something that every student has probably gone through . The need to make a sprint for exams and crush some subjects.

I have 3 subjects I wanna go for, they differ in Difficulty,Starting Point , Objective and Resources.

A cool thing is they are somewhat different between each other, one is Math, one if Computer Science related and the other is Management. So it will be somewhat diverse set of things to be focusing on.

I will try to make these no cramming style, make it somewhat progressive. I want to do other stuff with my life during these “vacations”.

I will think a bit on it before setting other “challenges” but I’d like to do something more practical (an actual project) besides getting out there a bit more, either fitness related, social or simply literally exploring.


  • Difficulty: For a grade above 75% it will be medium-hard.
  • Starting Point: So this one is the best one in these terms, I have had around 67% in the first test and missed the second test because of my alarms failing. The first grade is way under what I wanted (was aiming for 80%) but it was more distraction based, I think that even though my knowledge wasn’t that deep I can build on what I have. For this second test I was really more superficial and mechanized but I also want to learn it as deeply as I can.
  • Objective: All my past math classes I’ve hated myself for just cramming for exams and ending up with either crappy grades or way under what I could’ve gotten. I also regret not getting to study this properly because math looks super interesting. Therefore my objective here is to understand the subject and have a good grade, aiming for the 80-90%
  • Resources:
    • A collection of teachers notes (not my teacher though).
    • Exercises with solutions (not detailed)
    • Collection of solved tests

Computer Science:

  • Difficulty: Hard.
  • Starting Point: I have decent / good practical knowledge and an overall idea of the concepts. But in the theoretical sense I’m close to zero.
  • Objective: I want a good grade, aiming for the 75-85%. I wanna understand the key concepts but can let the details go a bit
  • Resources:
    • Two books one that is directly related to class and the other one that’s widely seen as great
    • Lots of tests
    • Slides used in classes


  • Difficulty: If I study and practice, easy. But has some trick questions.
  • Starting Point: Close to zero. I’ve read some slides and have the general idea of some concepts. But have to review the rest and practice a lot.
  • Objective: So dumb and lazy me didn’t participate in the project so I can only aim for 95% of the grade in exam. This is one of those subjects which aren’t that important or interesting (and is quite boring to be honest), but I’d like a decent grade, aiming for a 80-90%.
  • Resources:
    • Slides from classes
    • Exercises (some with solutions)
    • Collection of solved tests

I’m taking some inspiration on other similar initiatives like Scott Young’s MIT Challenge.

I won’t really go as hard as him, I need to understand my study habits and grow into them. But I will attempt to learn from those initiatives. Obviously I won’t waste that much time with that, the focus is on the learning itself, gotta be careful about falling into the trap of planning.

I will hopefully remember to add my time plan for this following month. And eventually the other challenges/projects I have in mind.

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