Questions nobody asked but I answered nonetheless

What is this site all about?

This is a one year commitment challenge. I intend to make this my central base to review and plan my progress in life. I will attempt to not make it too personal, instead try to bring something of value to possible readers. But it is clearly something I’ve done to aid me.

Why the name Arena?

Ĩf I told you my previous ideas you would cringe even more.

This one actually makes some sense, I really like the little I’ve about Theodore Roosevelt and there’s this except by the title of The Man in the Arena, it always makes me want to be better and stop being on the sidelines. Since the aim of this website is for me to grow and start living like who I wanna be, I decided to use this as a reference.

There’s a post about this.

Why one year?

The thing I see myself failing the most is commitment, doing stuff after the first burst of energy. A year sounds good and is a LONG time, so I can make a lot of progress in one year, also, the billing for hosting came in 1 year so yeah.. perfect storm.

So the website will be up for an year, but how often will you post?

Since the idea is to aid me in growing as a person I think a post a week is the minimum. It will serve as a review. I’d like to post more, to bring insights and challenges. And hopefully train my writing.

What kind of posts can one expect? The Diaries of a Wuss? The usual self-improvement bs?

Actually “The Diaries of a Wuss” could be a success, I’ll save that idea for later.

I don’t have any proper ambitions for the website, only for myself as a person. I don’t want to monetize this, if that could happen great, but not only is highly unlikely but also it would steer me away from the objective. So to answer the questions I won’t be trying to become a guru and post every week the “10 simple tips to get your dream partner and a Ferrari”, maybe I will make a post like that (and I apologize in advance) but that’s no my aim. I want to bring insights and grow.
So you can expect some planning, reviewing, some challenges, some random stuff.. who knows I just want to justify having butchered my savings when I could have just used the money to go for a cool weekend in some cheap place.

What do you expect to get from this?

As I said before I don’t expected to go full Tim Ferris and become a world sensation (but if you want to make me one, go ahead). I don’t even expect to break even (enter Homer Simpson saying “D’oh”). All this aims to be is:

  1. A challenge to my ability to commit to a project
  2. A tool to help my growth

I’ve been feeling somewhat in a plateau and a bit lost to what I wanna do and become, I feel like I need some energy and a boost to get me out there. Hopefully this will help.

Maybe this grows to become a project worth of its name, probably not, but at least it can give me a kick in the ass to get moving.

Why did you waste money on a host and not just use a normal free blogging platform?

Because I’m a dumbass. Because not only didn’t I really consider that this could have paid me a small weekend trip but also because it gives me accountability. I already invested this money on this I might as well use it properly right?

So you are a rich kid wasting money to solve his identity crisis?

Nah not really, just a dumb average guy that’s too dumb to realize he could have used his money in more creative ways. But what’s done is done.

(The identity crisis is probably right though).

What’s the actual end goal?

I’ll write a post on that soon enough!